Tralee is a boutique real estate advisory firm designed to solve the needs of institutional investors and entrepreneurial operators. We work all our engagements behind the scenes and out of the headlines as our clients value the privacy and flexibility we bring to the table.  Our clients include some of the largest institutional firms in the business including REITS, hedge funds and pension funds.

Tralee Affordable, LLC is one of the nations premier LIHTC, multi-family housing investment firms. We focus on finding assets in extremely supply constrained markets which allows us to take advantage of the disconnect between LIHTC rents and market rate rents.  This optimizes overall investor return at the eventual sale.

An affiliate of Tralee Affordable is the principal investor in each transaction. Additionally, the leadership team personally invest in each transaction along side our equity partners.  We have been acquiring well located, highly supply constrained affordable assets since 2013. Due to our rigid standards, we evaluate and underwrite less than 15% of the affordable assets that come onto the market.


Tralee Capital Partners, LLC is a privately owned company focused on finding relative value throughout the world of commercial real estate. We have created a team of professionals with extensive Public REIT, Private REIT, Pension Fund Advisory and Regional Operator experiences in physical hard assets, debts and real estate securities.

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Tralee Capital's mission is to utilize the years of extensive on the ground experience to help clients address specific needs relating to their real estate investments. The management team has broad experience in investing for pension funds, public REITs, private REITs & high net worth investors.